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14.1.2021 - In 2020, Brno Airport checked-in 86,089 passengers. Due to measures to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an 84% year-on-year decrease compared to 2019

The successful year 2019 was replaced by the critical year 2020. Due to the interruption of commercial flights with passengers on board at all airports in the Czech Republic in March and subsequent government measures together with the development of the coronavirus situation, the airport checked-in only 86,089 passengers. In the final numbers, it is 84% less than in 2019. The worst period in the modern history of Tuřany Airport will end with a loss of economic activity in the range of 60 - 75 million crowns... more→

16.11.2020 - DHL Express launches a new air cargo line to Brno. Brno Airport will thus significantly increase its freight traffic volume

Two months after the opening of the modern logistics hall for DHL Express, Brno Airport also welcomed its first air visitor. The first cargo plane on the new DHL Express flight to Brno arrived in the new part of the multimodal complex in Tuřany this morning. This line will be provided by a Boeing 737-400F aircraft from CargoLogic Germany... more→