Training Flights

With effect from 1.1.2020 following changes are implemented at Brno-Turany Airport in the rules for the application of discounted landing fees for training flights:

  1. Training landing fees are applied only on condition that the Local Flight Activity (LFA) is performed. The term Local Flight Activity (LFA) means a flight activity related to repetitive landings and take−offs, touch and go landings and low approaches (passes) over the RWY.
  1. Training landing fees are adjusted as follows:
Landing fee_training FS:6,10 EUR / t MTOW (Full Stop landing)
Landing fee_training FS/RWY lights:7,30 EUR / t MTOW (Full Stop landing with RWY lights on)
Landing fee_training TG:4,90 EUR / t MTOW (Touch&Go)
Landing fee_training TG/RWY lights:7,30 EUR / t MTOW (Touch&Go with RWY lights on)
Landing fee_GO AROUND/RWY lights:7,30 EUR / t MTOW (Passes with RWY lights on)
  1. There is no need to send a written application for a training flight (day or night) to the airport operator. In cooperation with Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic the airport will use LARS system data to coordinate training flights.
  1. Other – there are no changes in the following:
    1. Training flights between 22:00 LT and 6:00 LT are not permitted.
    2. In relation to ANS of the Czech Republic there is the obligation to reserve a LFA at LARS application (see AIP AD 2.20.7 COORDINATION OF LOCAL FLIGHT ACTIVITY WITH ATC).
    3. The above will also be published in the next possible update of AIP GEN 4.3 and AIP LKTB AD 2.20.

In case of any questions please contact Brno Handling:, +420 545 521 309

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