We would like to remind passengers that in the interest of a smooth check-in process, luggage weight limits must be strictly complied with. There are no universal international standards for the sizes and dimensions of hold and hand baggage. Rules vary amongst airlines, and you should therefore consult with your carrier in advance!

  • Check-in Luggage
    For baggage handling rules, please visit your airline?s website. When transporting oversized or non-standard baggage such as bicycles, skis, surfboards, musical instruments, etc., or animals, it is necessary to arrange with staff at the check-in desk. The baggage will be sent from a special counter that is marked OVERSIZE BAGGAGE and is located in the departure hall. If you are planning to check in an entirely non-standard piece of baggage or an animal, PLEASE CONSULT SUCH BAGGAGE OR ANIMAL WITH THE AIRLINE IN ADVANCE.
  • Hand Luggage
    You are only allowed to take one piece of hand luggage on board the aircraft. Since there is no international standard concerning the sizes or dimensions of hand luggage, please always ask your airline for information.
  • Dangerous and prohibited items in luggage - for more information, see the security rules.
  • Damaged and Lost Luggage
    If upon landing you find that your luggage is damaged, or your luggage is missing, please contact the Baggage Claim counter, which is located in the arrival hall.

    Contact: Phone: +420 545 521 309

Information and Tips

  • It is in your own interest to mark your luggage with a tag including your name, address and telephone number.
  • We advise you that valuables, important documents or medication should be brought with you in your hand baggage.
  • Lock your luggage or have it wrapped.
  • Remove labels and tags from previous trips. You will reduce the risk of damage and improper delivery of your luggage.