The check-in process starts 2 hours before the flight and ends 30-40 minutes before departure. Scheduled departure time is the time specified in the schedule. Please check the start and end times of check-in with your airline. Note in particular the strict rules of low-cost airlines. If you are flying on holiday on a charter flight, it is possible that you will need to go to the check-in counter of your travel agency. We therefore ask you to follow the instructions of your travel agency.

  • Standard checking-in
    Check-in counters are located in the departure hall. They are identified by the flight number, destination and scheduled departure time. To check-in, you must bring: a ticket (paper or electronic), voucher, possibly a reservation code and a valid travel document. At the check-in counter, you drop off your luggage designed to check in to the final destination, get a boarding pass and a baggage ticket. You go further on to the security
  • Internet check-in
    If you have an electronic ticket, some airlines allow or even require you to check-in electronically from the comfort of your home from 48 hours to 3 hours before departure according to the rules of the specific airline. You should arrive at the check-in desk only to drop off your check-in baggage (i.e. baggage that will be loaded into the aircraft?s luggage compartment). If you have no checked baggage, you do not have to go to the check-in counter. Proceed directly to the security check.

Before passing the security check, your passport, boarding pass, quantity, size and weight of your hand luggage will be checked. Check with your carrier how many pieces of hand luggage, what size and weight you can bring with you on board! Rules for the weight and size of your baggage are very important!

Before boarding an aircraft, the airport staff will again check your passport, boarding pass, quantity, size and weight of your hand luggage.