Changes at Ryanair in 2014

At the end of the year 2013 low cost airline Ryanair started an optimalization of services for passengers. Prices at selective fees were reduced, new regulations in transportation of baggage introduced and new well arranged websites launched.

  1. passengers can carry another small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms.
  2. passengers who have checked in online, but forgot or lost their printed online boarding passes will be required to pay a Reprint fee in order to receive a new boarding pass at the airport. The price of this fee is CZK 420 (15 EUR), originally CZK 1 960.
  3. if passengers purchase a flight ticket at Ticketing, a Booking fee is charged (CZK 560), possibly baggage (Bag 1, Big Bag).
  4. the pooling or sharing of purchased checked baggage allowances is permitted with others included on the same flight reservation when checking in together.

Newly reduced fees:

  1. excess baggage (EXB) 1 kg = CZK 280 (10 EUR), originally CZK 560 (20 EUR)
  2. 1st Bag – 15kg = CZK 800, originally CZK 1.680
  3. 1st Bag – 20kg = CZK 1.120, originally CZK 2.100
  4. 2nd Bag – 15kg = CZK 840, originally CZK 2.940

From the beginning of February passengers can choose a seat with this fee:

  1. Priority Boarding is free for all customers who purchase a Premium Seat (rows 1-5, 16 & 17, 32 & 33). The price on is 10 EUR, at the airport CZK 420 (15 EUR)
  2. Other seats: rows 6-15, 18-31. The price on is 5 EUR, at the airport CZK 210 (7,5 EUR).
  3. Customers who do not wish to select and purchase their preferred allocated seat will be randomly allocated a seat free of charge.

From 18 March 2014 onwords online check-in is available:

  1. Between 30 days and 2 hours before each booked flight you can select and purchase your preferred allocated seat onboard.
  2. between 7 days and 2 hours before each booked flight you can go to online check in  and be randomly allocated a seat free of charge.